11 Tips to Create Engaging B2B Videos (Your Target Audience Will Actually Pay Attention to)

Posted by Scott Danish on Jan 29, 2019 10:15:00 AM

According to a study from Microsoft, people now have an eight-second attention span. (The average attention span for a goldfish: nine seconds.)

So your B2B marketing has to capture the audience’s attention right away and work to keep it. This is particularly true when talking about B2B marketing and corporate videos; the audience is skeptical and used to being bored by such videos, so they’re less likely to give you the benefit of the doubt and suspend their impatience. If they grow impatient, they’ll disengage. Then they’ll never make it to the end of your message to see the call to action (CTA).


“Audience members need to understand in those first few seconds why they’re watching this video,” says Brian Troutman, a senior video producer with BayCreative. “That needs to be spelled out exceptionally clearly.”

How do you do that?

“Get a very clear understanding of the pain points or problems the end user or audience has and craft the message very carefully around that, cutting out anything that is extraneous to that audience,” Troutman says. “At any given point in the script, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Ask yourself, why do I care?

“If you can’t answer that from their viewpoint, cut that part of the script.”

But That’s Not All, Folks; 10 Other Tips for an Engaging B2B Video

Below are more tips for creating outstanding B2B videos. Use them together and you’ll be able to conceive videos that capture and keep your audience’s attention:

  • Tacking on extraneous “fun” won’t rescue an overly long or unfocused script. Humor and wit can be excellent tools to keep the audience engaged, but they must be used carefully and written seamlessly into a taut script from the beginning.
  • Focus on the usual marketing structure: Connect with the audience by clearly showing a pain point they’re dealing with, how your solution/product solves it, and what steps they need to take next. That’s it.
  • Don’t try to pack a bunch of messages into your video. Instead, focus on three or fewer pain points. That way, your message is tightly tailored to your audience.
  • Don’t create a video that tries to solve all problems for all audiences. If your solution solves problems for people in different areas of the company, make separate videos for those separate areas, with specific pain points and CTAs.
  • Creating separate videos can add to the cost; to help cut down those costs, create a shared pot of resources that can be used over and over.
  • Keep the video short. Under one minute is best; under two minutes is essential.
  • High production values can significantly help in retaining viewer attention.
  • Keep the images active and moving on the screen. If they become static, your audience members’ minds won’t stay engaged.
  • When deciding on the topic of your next video, concentrate on your audience’s pain points, not on your solution features. That will help you tailor your message to be more engaging.
  • If you’re planning to use an outside agency to help—which we recommend—engage with that agency early in the process. “Too often, clients ‘know’ what they want their video to be, with specific images and script in mind,” Troutman says. “They just want us to make that video. But those types of projects can easily result in videos that don’t effectively convey the message.” It works better if you tell the agency what message you want to convey and what audience you need to connect with. Then work with the experts at the agency to build your video script.

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