Creating Content That Connects with Your B2B Customers

Posted by Taylor Ciarallo on Mar 8, 2023 2:25:28 PM

Brand personality, value, and differentiations at the center

Today we are going to talk about the always great, always mysterious topic of content. Let’s add another layer of mystery and make that B2B content for high-tech companies…now we're talking! 

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4 Ways Infographics Can Improve Your B2B Marketing Program

Posted by Scott Danish on Apr 23, 2019 3:56:50 PM

In the midst of the long customer journey, short-and-sweet infographics can be a welcome change from the more text-heavy research materials.

Infographics are unique among B2B in-bound marketing content. They present relevant, critical information from white papers, eBooks, surveys, and other sources, but do it in a way that catches the eye and is much faster to consume. Infographics rely on concise, tightly written content to support images that are built around the data; the content supports the images, not the other way around, unlike in white papers and eBooks.

In a minute or two a viewer can get the point of the infographic and the supporting data, and then they can go on their way—or they can share it.

Like white papers, case studies, and eBooks, infographics are an important component of a truly effective B2B marketing campaign.

Sample infographic designed for BayCreative software client Bizagi

Why You May Want to Produce B2B Infographics

Benefits of B2B infographics marketing pieces:

  1. They grab the viewers’ attention. The beautiful design, bold formatting, and condensed information catch the reader’s eye. And getting people to view your content is the most important part of any B2B marketing campaign.
  2. They’re easily shared. Rather than share a link to a landing page, you can include the actual infographic in a social media post, making it more likely to be consumed. In fact, infographics are liked and shared on social media 3X more than any other type of content.
  3. If done well, infographics leave your audience wanting more. Infographics offer the high points of a topic/subject—and then invite the viewer to explore the topic further by reading the other content pieces you’ve created on the subject. Infographics are a crucial part of the symbiotic relationship that should exist between your various in-bound marketing materials on a subject.
  4. They build brand awareness, and that’s the name of the game with B2B in-bound marketing. Well-done infographics can establish trust, recognition, and loyalty for your brand.

How To Get Your Infographic Noticed

Producing an infographic will do little good if you don’t proactively push it out into the world. Here are some tips for how to increase the chances of your infographic getting noticed:

  • Distribute a press release about it. If you tied the infographic to a timely hook—such as a holiday or a news event—the press release is more likely to get noticed by media and industry outlets.
  • Have your infographic explain something that is confusing, or be a how-to guide to doing something.
  • Submit the infographic to directories that showcase infographics.
  • Have a social media plan for supporting your B2B content, including your infographic.
  • Clearly encourage your audience to share the infographic on social media.

Creating an Infographic Takes Expertise; We Can Help

As you can see, infographics have a lot to offer your B2B marketing campaign. But creating a strong B2B infographic takes experience and skill; you need a designer who can capture the audience’s attention with graphics and illustrations and a writer who can cut to the heart of the data and present it with depth in just a few words. That’s not easy to do.

At BayCreative, though, we have writers and designers who are experts at producing infographics. And we can share that expertise for your next in-bound marketing campaign. Just give us a shout if you're interested in collaborating.

All the best,
- Team BayCreative -
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Marketing Design with Some Breathing Room

Posted by Arne Hurty on Aug 31, 2015 3:45:51 PM

You can find a lot on conversions and ways to improve conversion rates. What less obvious places can marketers look to improve conversions? Here are a few words on the topic of “white space” in the design. Any designer and many marketers will have heard this term and understand that to mean open area in a design. This is a design oriented topic but relevant to maketers. And can have a big impact on the experience your prospects and customers have.

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Graphic Design During the Webtop Revolution

Posted by Arne Hurty on Mar 8, 2013 11:23:00 AM

I lived through the desktop revolution. As a graphic designer I was definitely a rebel, on the front lines. Back in 1985, I made having a MacSE, a condition of taking any job. Exciting times. Typesetting shops were turning into digital prepress houses. Rapidograph pens, mylar, and stat cameras, were all rapidly becoming things of the past. Having drunk the Kool-Aid, I spread the word in my own way. I vividly recall indoctrinating my professor from UCLA, who also ran a high-end book-publishing house. I invited him to stop by after work one evening to spend a couple hours with me, and Aldus PageMaker. A message came a week later that he'd traded out all his drafting tables for Mac II's and PostScript printers.

Graphic design is more important than ever
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