5 Essentials for Managing Successful B2B Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Posted by Scott Danish on Jul 31, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Paid search advertising can be a great way for B2B marketers to rapidly grow business. It can drive massive traffic to websites but must be managed properly for businesses to succeed. However, to successfully manage Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns, B2B marketers must put their focus on the following five essential areas.


1.) Ad Copy

The ad copy is the main text that viewers see before they can click. It is the primary text of the advertisement. The text must be clear with a strong call to action. B2B marketers need to employ various tactics if people are to click on the ad. The ad copy should be credible making people believe on the credibility of the service of the product. The text should be attention grabbing with promises to the user for clicking on the link. High conversion rates are usually achieved with pay-per-click if the ad copy meets all the requirements that make the user take action.

2.) Keyword Search

The keyword is probably the most important part of any B2B marketing. It is the way people looking for certain goods and services will find you online. B2B marketers must perform a thorough keyword research for what people are searching for online. The keywords chosen must make sense if they are to drive traffic and generate the required revenue. The aim of been found online is not just driving traffic but traffic that will lead to sales. If the keyword does not make any sense, business will get traffic that does not lead to conversions.

3.) Landing Page

Traffic must be converted into qualified leads. Most B2B marketers spend a lot of money in generating traffic to websites but fail in the second part of lead generations. The traffic flow must be converted into sales. Landing pages are the difference when it comes to converting visitors into leads. They are the heart and soul of any B2B marketers and must be set up correctly. They landing pages must be explicitly set with the right keywords used in the ad so that users know they are at the right place. Visitors must find solutions to their needs on the landing pages and end up with a clear call to action.

4.) Organization of the Landing Page

The landing page will always convert more visitors into leads than even your homepage. This means it should be nicely set up with all elements put at the right place. The most important elements of your page should be placed above the fold. There should be page titles to indicate content on the page is for the search engine. Keywords, CTAs and forms should appear above everything else if they are to be easily seen by visitors. The most important keyword should start your page as search engines put more emphasis on keywords. The URL should also be kept short and to point as it helps communicate to the search engines.

5.) Understand How Your Target Audiences Search

Knowing the target audience will help B2B marketers know how best they will reach them. Keywords are usually tailored to specific audiences. Marketers must understand what their audiences are searching for and what keywords they are using. The more marketers know the audiences and what they are searching for, the better they will create content that appeals to them. Know the gender, age, religion, language and culture of the audience. This will enable you to come up with ad copy that will be appealing to them.

B2B marketers can take advantage of Google AdWords to know what people are searching for online. They should aim to make sites found with easy and convert all the visitors to leads. They should improve on all aspects that lead to high traffic and lead conversions. Web sites must be mobile friendly with regular Google Analytics been performed to ensure there are no technical errors with websites.  Careful attention to detail must be implemented when it comes to PPC if B2B marketers want to reap the fruits of online marketing.  Consider bringing a full-service B2B marketing/creative/branding agency on board to implement best practices and help achieve your core business goals.  Visit the BayCreative website for more information.  

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