The Manifest Selects BayCreative Among Best Explainer Video Production Companies (#2 in San Francisco)

Posted by Taylor Ciarallo on Mar 1, 2023 2:36:16 PM

Looking to Boost MQLs and Accelerate the Sales Cycle with an Explainer Video?

Over 80% of businesses report increased sales when using animated explainer videos to explain their services. Perhaps this is because almost all customers find explainer videos helpful in understanding a product or service. They combine images, motion, and audio to ensure your message is clear and memorable.

Explainer videos are wonderful resources for breaking down complex topics of your business and industry in a compelling and palatable manner. Finding the right explainer video production service makes your content stand out.

Agencies all over the U.S. were recently evaluated and we’re honored that The Manifest selected BayCreative among its “Best Explainer Video Production Companies” (#2 in San Francisco). WOW!

“We are grateful The Manifest considers BayCreative a top creative agency for producing explainer videos,”  stated Scott Danish, CEO of BayCreative. “Video production is one of our core service offerings here at BayCreative and a solution to many B2B marketing initiatives that we feel passionate about. We’ve been fortunate to produce these videos for some of our amazing clients, including Cisco, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Twitter, Palo Alto Networks, and more… some that have gone on to win national creative awards.”

If you're curious, here are some videos we have done that we are most proud of. Click Below. 

Video is marketing magic.

Any company not abundantly using video… whether it’s live-action, stock, animation, or something else… is missing the boat. More than any other tool, video has the power to engage your audience and communicate your story in an impactful and memorable way. If you need to generate brand interest, MQLs, accelerate the sales cycle, or even just get your team to follow a new process, video is the best way to do it.

And, the BayCreative team knows how to do it well.

Whether our clients are video veterans or not, we approach each project collaboratively. We work together to develop a narrative and create an experience that hits the key messages and tells a story that engages your audience, captivates their attention, establishes a lasting connection, and inspires them to take action.

Here are two things you can do right now to increase your Marketing ROI 

  1. Download our eBook “The Value of Videos in Engaging with B2B Clients and Prospects.” 
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