"Old-School” B2B Websites Are As Important As Ever

Posted by Scott Danish on Mar 5, 2020 2:19:00 PM

It seems like every day there’s a new social media channel the kids are gathering on. TikTok, Lasso … plenty of others I’m too old to know about. For B2B marketers, it’s a lot simpler, thankfully—we still rely on the proven “old-school” methods, according to the new report from HubSpot that looks at 2020 marketing trends.

According to the 3,400 marketers surveyed, websites are still the channel most frequently used for marketing. But websites have something in common with social media: It’s only as good as the content you put on there. For B2B businesses, that means you need to be constantly updating your blog, or adding new videos, thought leadership pieces, eBooks, white papers, infographics, or customer success stories. Not only will that new content make you more likely to be found by search engines, it will also give audiences a reason to visit your site.

Updating content takes time, though, as we know from our experience developing content for our clients at Cisco, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Twitter, Google and more! If you don’t have the internal expertise and resources, BayCreative can help. With BayCreative, you get an entire team of experienced writers, designers, editors, videographers, illustrators and marketers who are experts at content creation for websites. We love helping B2B companies achieve their marketing goals. If we can help you, just let us know.

’Til then... best!
--Scott & Arne

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