Counter Two B2B Marketing Inhibitors Today... Advance Business Forever

Posted by Taylor Ciarallo on Jan 13, 2023 2:50:18 PM

What inhibitors are currently slowing your business growth? Now is the best time to turn a critical eye on your B2B marketing initiatives to root out and eliminate marketing inhibitors.

Today we identify two significant inhibitors.

Differentiating Your Company

There is countless competition in the B2B market. Do you think your company is setting itself apart from the others?

Answer this question not in your own words, but in your client’s words. Look through your customer testimonials or ask some of your clients directly.

You’re looking for an emotional aspect. That’s mandatory in B2B marketing. Of course, your products/services should be resolving their issues quickly, but too many companies leave emotions out of the equation. If your clients aren’t emotionally connected to your company, you’ve become a cog in their machine, and you ARE missing out on the low-hanging fruit that a lasting relationship develops.

Spend time researching your buyer personas and executing your plan to form an emotional connection. Additionally, focus on your storytelling.

Filling an Order vs. Advising and Influencing

Undoubtedly, growth in a B2B market is directly aligned with communicating your authority in that space. Indeed, when customers think they know what they want, it’s easier to fill an order and move on. It’s important, however, to remember that you are the expert, and being an authority in your space, you have a unique ability to guide customers down the right path.

We are not saying that the customer is wrong. We’re saying that your marketing has an opportunity to increase their benefit with your knowledge and expand their horizons with your unique products and services. Every time you discover your potential customer’s pain points, you have an incredible opportunity to inform, excite, and go above and beyond their expectations.

When companies move forward with you, it’s a sign they believe your company will bring about a brighter future.

At BayCreative our creative work always begins with a conversation around many factors that lead us to an understanding of who your company is and what exactly you want to achieve. This is often a challenging conversation, and we may ask some hard questions you wouldn't expect to draw out a new cohesive perspective. This process or discovery session aids in building that bridge to your customer. From there we figure out the best vehicle for your company to communicate your value, brand, and authority. Here are some ways we can communicate that for your B2B brand. If any of these categories identify with your current needs, we'd love to help. Schedule a discovery session with us to learn more.

Brand Cultivation Your ideas, value, and mission already exist, what you need is to communicate them clearly. That's where we come in. Brand cultivation is the process of drawing out those key elements and building a cohesive identity that connects with your audience and establishes trust in your brand.

Stimulating Presentation Presentation will always be a cornerstone of business. Far too often presenters lean on data and information to make their point, but knowing what you want to present is only the beginning. Creativity and story are the tools that connect to your audience and create a lasting impact.

Sales Enablement Your sales team is on the front line of establishing the impression you want to make. The right message or the right piece of collateral, at the right moment, can accelerate the sales cycle. We develop the tools your team needs to crush those growth goals in the field.

Motion Video is marketing magic. Live-action or animation video has the power to engage your audience more than any other tool. Video has the power to captivate your audience, establish a lasting connection, and inspire them to act.

BayCreative helps break through barriers that you are facing with marketing your brand, product, or service… just like we’ve done for our clients like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Cisco, DocuSign, Palo Alto Networks, Twitter, and more!

What are the highest-priority branding/marketing initiatives you’re trying to achieve in the next 3-6 months… and how can BayCreative help? Schedule a meeting with Scott Danish, CEO of BayCreative.

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