Responsive Website Design: Will it Really Help Online Marketing or Does it Need Adjustments?

Posted by BC Team on Aug 16, 2013 1:10:00 PM

 In the world of website design, things evolve quickly. But there may be no faster evolution right now than the developments in responsive web design, or RWD. Many people who write on technology have noted the importance of this new trend for companies. That's because it allows a web site to conform to whatever device the web page is being viewed on.

What will it do, though, for the future of marketing on the web? Indications are out there that it's already in the process of evolving to be even more useful.

Human evolution resized 600The Importance of Consistency

Responsive web design is really the best for businesses that provide information on a daily basis that requires consistent updating. With the ability to manage all that content in one place while conforming to tablets and mobile devices, you can see why it's becoming such a big deal. Too many years have gone by accessing a page on smartphones and having to scroll across the screen in order to view an entire page from the web.

It's Also Crossing Over to Advertising

With adaptive advertising starting to become available so online ads can easily adapt to all devices (particularly mobile), you can see how far programming has gone in making life easier. For a business, saving money having to create a separate web page or ad for different devices will make a huge difference in the world economy and business profitability. This isn't to say that there aren't a few roadblocks that still need to be adjusted.

The Advent of Adaptive Web Design

The word "adaptive" may be the most future-ready word in existence right now for online marketing. That's because responsive web design has the limitation of not conforming well if you have an e-commerce page. Typically, e-commerce pages need more customizing, something RWD doesn't allow because of its uniformity. Considering most businesses have to deal with an e-commerce page, it's going to require setting aside extra time and money for that one page to be adaptive for mobile and tablet users.

Regardless, money can still be saved when you consider all other web content won't need special attention. As well, responsive web design is being tweaked right now so it'll solve the e-commerce and customization issues in time. That's good news for online business marketing when easier programming tools allow a web site to be seen on every possible device. It doesn't matter how small those devices become or where we use them (possibly on our bodies).

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