Marketing Specialists describe the Latest Website Design Trends

Posted by BC Team on Jan 21, 2014 2:46:49 PM

With the traditional media of the past, you could reap business rewards by sticking to one tried-and-truemarketing strategy. With digital advertising and online media, no one marketing method is safe because the Internet evolves just as quickly as the hardware technology used to access it. The following are just some of the latest trends in website design:small_-_website_sketch

  • Social media badges. Just when you were getting used to Facebook, large segments of its population, namely, teenagers, are defecting, making it less effective for marketing to that group. In the meantime, other social media sites are becoming more popular. It's difficult to know which one is going to reign supreme but you really don't have. What you can do is pin the badge of the latest social site to your blog posts and article layouts. Readers can then easily share to their favorite groups what you have to say.

  • Fixed header bars. You don't have to worry that your logo and main navigation options are going to slide off the screen when users scroll through your website. A fixed header bar makes sure that any necessary business elements remain stuck to the top of the window, no matter how far the rest of the page scrolls below it. This feature requires use of the CSS position fixed; property.

  • Responsive layouts. There's no longer any such thing as one ideal website design. Your audience can access your site using a desktop, laptop, tablet, e-reader, or smartphone. Your pages must automatically adjust to fit the access device unless you want your users to get frustrated and leave. Responsive web design uses a uniform set of specialized codes so that your site automatically looks good no matter what device is used to look at it.

Whatever website design trend becomes popular, we have the expertise to incorporate it into your online efforts. To find out how, why don't you contact us?


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