You Are Not Your PowerPoint Presentation Enhancement

Posted by BC Team on Nov 26, 2013 3:30:00 PM

PowerPoint can liven up an ordinary presentation with graphics, audio, and animations. It does this so well that you may design the presentation first, put in as many bells and whistles as possible, and then think about what you want to say after. If you're intending to make a stand-alone executable that you send to your customers, then this is one way to proceed.

Is your presentation good enough?However, if you're delivering the information live in front of an audience, as most presenters do, your approach is reversed. You must start with what you want to say and then think about how PowerPoint slides can add to it. In other words, the audience is there to see you. You are not an accessory to the software. So your slides must enhance your presentation.

Think about the three or four most important points of what you have to say. Make sure they directly address why the audience are expecting. Then develop one or two slides as a presentation enhancement for each point. Minimize the text on the slide – you're providing the narration. Instead, think about a picture, chart, or video that explains your point more thoroughly than any words can.

Then, practice your delivery with the slides, preferably in front of a test audience. Ask them some questions about what you just said. You may discover that you need fewer or more slides to get your points across.

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